From regular polish to Shellac polish – we’ve got over 400 colors to choose from!

Manicures are complete with nail shape, buff, cuticle push & trim, exfoliating hand scrub, hydrating hand massage   polish/gel polish application.

Gel Polish Change includes nail shape, buff, cuticle push & gel polish application.

All nail treatments are backed by our Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We fix any nail mishaps for free within 7 days! Looking to remove your gel polish? We’ll remove our application for free!

Shellac Polish Change 40
Shellac Polish Mani 50
Shellac Polish Pedi 70
Regular Polish 15
Regular Polish & Buff 20
Regular Polish Mani 35
Regular Polish Pedi 55
Short Nail Overlay/Fill 55
Long Nail Overlay/Fill 60
Full Set Sculpted Nails 95
Full Set Tips Nails 70
Kids Mani & Pedi 45
Nail design 7+
Paraffin Wax 15